Featured in Top Sante: Ogario London Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume

Check out this month’s Top Sante for all the know-how on getting thicker hair. You can find expert views and tips from trichologists, nutritionist Cassandra Barns and hairdressers. Our own Creative Director Norris Ogario shares tips on styling for volume.

Thicken Hair Naturally From the Inside Out

It’s a great read for anyone looking to improve the quality and texture of their hair. We particularly liked the focus on improving nutrition to improve hair quality and thickness.

‘Eat a healthy balanced diet. Hair follicles are one of the last tissues in your body to receive nutrition, so specific deficiencies can affect them.’ TOP SANTE

Focusing on a Holistic Approach Will Help you Achieve the Best Results

‘The good news is that with the right nutrition, products and styling your can thicken your mane naturally, from the inside out.’ TOP SANTE

Style for Volume and Thicker Hair

Taking advice from our Creative Director here at Ogario London, they write:

‘Fine hair needs a style with layers and texture. The three areas you should discuss with your hairdresser are the parting, crown and fringe; a small adjustment to any of these can add lift and volume. For example, changing your parting to a different angle can create lift.’ TOP SANTE

Top Sante’s Volume Booster of Choice

‘Ogario London Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume; This styling spray incorporates microcapsules of keratin and argan oil to target damaged hair and seal split ends, which immediately makes your hair look thicker.’

Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume