Give your Hair a Break: Holiday Styling for Dry Hair

Are you having difficulty styling dry hair? In last week’s blog, we talked about suitcase essentials and holiday tips for dry hair. Maybe your suitcase is packed and at the ready or perhaps you are already enjoying sun-soaked days in some exotic location or even at home! Wherever you are, we’d like you to pause for a moment and give some thought to your hair.

Your Hair Deserves a Holiday too!

We put our hair through a lot throughout the year and now is the perfect time to give your hair a well-earned break. One thing we’ve noticed over our many years of looking after hair is that most of us have an over-reliance on hairdryers which simply exacerbates the difficulty of styling dry hair. Hairdryers are a wonderful invention, they can change the texture, finish and control of a hairstyle. Having said that, there’s no getting away from it, all that heat is drying for the hair and there are other methods of styling.

Go with the Flow

Holiday style is more relaxed, no need to look pristine or perfectly coiffed. If your locks are dehydrated and you are struggling with styling dry hair this is a great time to experiment. Why not put down the hairdryer and embrace air-drying?

Going with the flow and letting your hair dry naturally doesn’t mean you have to lose control of those lovely locks. Rather, when you air-dry there are three different stages, all of which present opportunities to shape and style your hair.

The Wet Stage

You’ve shampooed, conditioned and rinsed your hair. Follow by wrapping a towel around the hair to soak up excess water and then remove, using it to gently squeeze out any dripping water. This is the time to spritz the hair with a styling mist. Above all, hair should be damp when you apply a styling product but not dripping wet. Now you can relax and let nature take its course.

The Semi-Dry Stage

Once your hair is starting to dry you might want to give it another spritz of styling mist to give you more control. Then just simply start working with the hair using your hands. Yes, your hands! No other tools required. You can use your fingers to gently lift the roots. Turn your head upside down if you want to create extract lift and volume. Alternatively, imagine you are working with a hairdryer, lifting the hair and moving your fingers in circular movements to gently ease and shape the hair. Hair is easy to manipulate at this stage and a styling product will give you the control you need to create the style. If your hair is very dry, choose a multitasking styling product. Our styling products also work as leave-in conditioners so you are adding moisture to your hair as well as adding control and finish.

The Dry Stage

Once the hair is dry you can start to play with it a bit more. Lift the hair gently and use your fingers to mimic the brush and give hair plenty of natural movement. If you want, you can spritz the mist on your fingers and push into the hair.

Three stages may sound a bit onerous but at each of the steps, you don’t need to do much to get hair in shape. Plus it dries quickly in a hot climate so, whilst you apply your make-up and decide what you are going to wear, your hair can be getting on with the job!

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