Curly Hair: Frizz no More

A couple of weeks ago, we shared our thoughts on summer styling for curly hair.  We talked about the importance of hydration and if you are serious about beating the frizz, the need to maintain moisture.

Often, the job of curly hair products is to constrain the hair with heavy ingredients that flatten and smooth, rather than encourage the bounce and body that comes naturally with curls. We take a different approach.

Hydrate Curls from Within

We believe that the way to combat frizz is to hydrate the hair from within. Think about it in terms of giving your hair a drink of water. Except, the water, in this case, is pro-vitamin B5. Pro-vitamin B5 is one of the few ingredients that can penetrate the hair cuticle with moisture. It helps the hair retain moisture and, by penetrating the cuticle, opens the door for other moisturising ingredients to do their job. We think of this level of moisture as the foundation for curly hair.

Get this right and there’s no need to spend time smoothing and pulling your curls, whilst layering on serums and oils.

Get the Right Foundation

Start with a hydrating shampoo. Often an ingredient used primarily for conditioners, our shampoos are formulated with a generous amount of pro-vitamin B5. Why? Because we believe it’s important to add moisture to the hair when you cleanse. Adding moisture at this stage when the hair is wet helps to kick-start the process.

Let your Hair Soak up those Ingredients

Choose a hydrating conditioner and don’t forget to squeeze the excess water out of your hair before you apply conditioner. We recommend leaving conditioner in the hair for at least a couple of minutes if you can. Plenty of time for your hair to soak up all those nourishing ingredients. If you feel like your hair just eats up conditioner, it’s probably dry. Build a regular routine of cleansing and conditioning and you should find your hair builds moisture and needs less product over time.

Style it Right

Now your hair is washed and conditioned, the next steps are crucial. Choose a drying styling product with synthetic ingredients, such as silicone, and it will dry your hair. It will feel heavy under the weight of it all. Choose heavy oils and your hair can become oily at the roots, attracting dirt and start to look dull very quickly.

Apply a Small Amount of Conditioner

We recommend a very simple approach. Instead of applying styling products at this stage, use some conditioner. We love a multi-tasking product. When your hair is damp but not dripping wet, apply a small amount of Hydrate and Shine Conditioner through the ends and mid-lengths. Twist your hair and leave to dry.

Define those Curls

Once hair is semi-dry, spritz with our Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish. Another multi-tasking product, this lightweight mist will give your hair definition and hold the curls. Once completely dry, shake your head and let those curls loose! No constraints, no more smoothing, just beautiful curls with body.

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