Fix Dry Hair: Go from H2O to H2Woah!

If like us, you’ve been loving the sun this summer, you may find your hair is suffering from post-summer burn-out. Not sure if your is hair dry? Tell-tale signs are when hair is difficult to style. Maybe you are struggling to get your usual sleek finish because of split ends or maybe the shine has disappeared. Sometimes the texture just feels brittle and hair is breaking. Fear not! Here’s our watertight checklist for keeping hair healthy and to fix dry hair…

Remove Excess Water

Take a hand towel into the shower and pat hair dry before you condition. If hair is too wet the conditioner can slide off and you won’t get the full benefit.

Warm it Up!

Make sure you rub the conditioner in your hands before you apply to the ends and mid-lengths. This warms up the product and helps you to spread it evenly on the hair.

Double Up.

Try following a treatment with Ogario London’s Restore and Shine Hair Masque with either our Hydrate and Shine Conditioner or our Revive and Shine Conditioner. The combination of the two packs a powerful punch leaving hair super hydrated, soft and shiny.

An All-Rounder

You can enjoy a hair masque at all times of the year. Whether you’re fighting the drying effects of the sun or central heating, it’s an essential weekly treat for hair. Ogario London’s Restore and Shine Hair Masque is packed with ingredients like pro-vitamin b5 and avocado oil to hydrate dry locks.

Break the Rules

You can use our conditioner on dry hair. In between washes, just mix a small amount of conditioner with a little water and use to smooth the ends of the hair.

Everything in Moderation

Keep your hairdryer on a cool setting and avoid over-drying the hair, and keep the use of straighteners to an absolute minimum. Avoid over-brushing as this can split the ends.

Know your Type

Use the right shampoo for your hair type. If it’s dry, look out for shampoos with pro-vitamin b5 and wheat protein. They are great ingredients to fix dry hair. If you need extra volume as well as moisture, soy protein works a treat.

Make Waves and Rinse Well

After swimming, always rinse and condition your hair even if you wear a swimming cap to get rid of the chlorine, which is very drying.

Keep on Top of Split Ends

Split ends are a sure sign of damaged, dehydrated hair. Regular trims are essential for keeping on top of split ends to stop them moving up the hair and preventing further damage to the hair.

Choose Leave-in Conditioners

Keep fixatives to a minimum and don’t overuse products with silicone. It can be drying for the hair as they cause build up and prevent other hydrating ingredients from penetrating the hair shaft. To fix dry hair choose styling products that multitask as leave-in conditioners.

Hydrate your Body (and your hair)

Make sure you’re getting lots of green leafy vegetables. Juicing is a great way of getting all the right nutrients and our particular favourite for glossy locks is cucumber juice which contains silica brilliant for hair growth and condition.

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